Just a Tickle Shroom Bars are delicious and potent chocolate bars infused with high-quality cubensis mushrooms. Each bar contains 3000mg of magic mushrooms, equivalent to 12 pieces. Not suitable for children or individuals with diabetes, and may contain traces of nuts. Effects have a delayed onset and can last longer than smoking. Use caution and keep out of reach of children. Buy online. Please note that edibles may change shape during transit due to heat and humidity, but this does not affect their safety. No refunds for affected edibles. Search tags: Mushroom Chocolate, 1 up mushroom, level up mushrooms, chocolate mushrooms, shrooom chocolate, one up bars, wonder bar chocolate, chocolate mushroom, psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars effects, magic mushroom recipes, chocolate shrooms, one up bar Denver, wonder bar mushrooms, chocolate mushroom candy, shroom chocolate bars, one up Mario, Mario bar DC, Mario 1 up mushrooms, chocolate-covered mushrooms, bar one chocolates.