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At Truffle Mushroom store, our goal is to alter the way psychedelic drugs are viewed by popular society. A new age of psychedelics, characterized by realistic, calculated usage for particular purposes, is Legal Psychedelics. It is an age not of ‘dropping-out’ and revolt toward society, but of incorporating psychedelics into our popular culture; an age invigorated rather than crippled by misplaced fear of their potentially harmful consequences by the immense upside of responsible psychedelic usage.

We aim to contribute to this new age here at Truffle Mushroom store by offering accurate, well-researched information on psychedelics; incubating psychedelic communities online and in person, and working within a popular community through meaningful discussions with thought leaders throughout all major fields and disciplines.


420 The indigenous use of psychedelics has for years been the Tippy Store. The days of the Psychedelics are upon us now. It was created by recent changes in psychedelic legalization and research and would alter the way psychedelic use is viewed by popular culture. Read our manifesto to find out more about the 420 Tippy Shop. It explains what you need to know about safe psychedelic use in the 21st century.

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KNOWLEDGE: There is a lot of uncertainty in our business, and we appreciate here at Truffle Mushroom Shop that it is difficult to try and find reliable knowledge online. Therefore, we have a team ready to help with any concerns that you might have in order to combat this shortcoming. We can give you details directly from our cannabis lawyers through our strategic relationships or you can guide medical questions to our team of physicians. You can also keep an eye out for news and updates on our blog, in addition to these great tools. We are committed to offering our patients and customers healthy, reliable, and locally sourced goods.

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